Board of Education Agenda/Minutes 2019-2020

August 12, 2019**@NGSdownloaddownload
September 16, 2019@MJHdownloaddownload
October 21, 2019@MJHdownloaddownload
November 18, 2019@MJHdownloaddownload
December 17, 2019*@MJHdownloaddownload
January 21, 2020*@NGSdownloaddownload
February 18, 2020*@NGSdownloaddownload
March 16, 2020Remote Onlinedownloaddownload
April 20, 2020Remote Onlinedownloaddownload
May 18, 2020Remote Online download
June, 2020@MJH

All Board Meetings start at 6:30pm.

Regular Board Meetings are on the Third Monday of each Month

*Meetings held on the Third Tuesday

**Meetings held at Newark Grade School Cafeteria

  • Board meeting agendas will be posted until the board meeting is concluded. (5 ILCS 120/2.02)
  • The minutes of the meetings open to the public will remain posted for at least 60 days after their initial posting. (5 ILCS 120/2.06)

Committee Agendas

August 13, 2019downloadBuilding and Grounds Committee Agenda
September 16, 2019downloadBudget Agendadownload
September 16, 2019downloadPublic Hearing E-Learning Agendadownload
October 21, 2019downloadBuilding and Grounds Committee Agenda
December 9, 2019downloadPolicy Committee Agenda
January 21, 2020downloadBuilding and Grounds Committee Agenda
May 11, 2020downloadPolicy Committee Agenda

Board of Education Policy Manual

Freedom of Information Act information

*School board members newly elected or re-elected, or appointed to fill a vacancy of at least one year's duration, that has completed training in education and labor law, financial oversight and accountability, and fiduciary responsibilities, as required by law, within one year of taking the oath of office.