Welcome to Newark Community Consolidated School District 66

Fall, 2015

Welcome!  I am delighted to welcome your child into our school district this year.  We look forward to sharing the year with him / her as this year promises to be another fantastic year at Newark Grade School District 66!  As we strive to make you feel welcome in our schools, we also offer many opportunities for involvement, growth and learning across the full spectrum of the school life.  This is an exciting time for our students who are starting back to school or starting school for the first time.   

We always welcome you and welcome your involvement in your child’s education.  Now is the time to establish routine by developing good study habits. Start by making sure your child is ready for the school day by going to bed early, and getting up early enough to have a set morning routine including a healthy breakfast.  Getting homework done is also about routine.  Designate a homework spot that is quiet and without distraction.  Read. Every. Single. Night.  Over and over it is proven that reading is the most critical factor to student success – either aloud with the student or as the students age, have the student read silently for 20 minutes every single night.  Put education first.  If you value education, your child will too.  Always remember that your teachers and the school administration are here to help you.

Parent Connections:  To learn more about our schools, our successes, and our learning community, we provide various communication opportunities. 

  • Visit our website at www.ngsd66.org
  • Like us on Facebook:  Newark District 66
  • Sign up for the superintendent’s email distribution
  • Bright Arrow Automated Parent Notification System – the automated phone call, text and email.
  • Classroom newsletters, ENews, and district news.
  • Get involved – Join the Parent Teacher Organization or the Millbrook Junior High Booster Club. 

 I look forward to the new year - to greeting each and every member of our learning community, and to having the opportunity to work with your children.  Again, welcome and welcome back!


Dr. Diane Cepela, Superintendent / Principal

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