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It is hard to believe another year is almost over and wow what a year it has been!  We have covered a ton of material and participated in many educational activities, projects and field trips.  We read, computed, laughed, and shed tears together.  We have had a year of successful athletics, music and scholastic programs. Now our students are pounds heavier and inches taller, months wiser and more mature than they were last fall. 

We are blessed to teach in a child centered community – both in and out of the physical building - that helps us bring life to the African Proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  We have a strong and active PTO; a child centered Board of Education; and an involved, ready-to-volunteer community helping us.  We are fortunate to have shared your children and hope that we return them to the community better people for having spent their year with us.   

It is almost time to give your children back to you for the summer.  We will miss them!  This summer find time for childhood – playing nonsense games, staying up too late at night and having sleepovers with friends and family.  We hope that you spend time watching movies, going to the store together, and taking long bike rides.  Tell stories, talk and listen.  Enjoy your summer together as childhood is just too short of a time to waste. 

And always, always find time to read.  Whether you read, they read or you read together; whether you read online, comic books, novels or magazines – read, read, read.  The time that you read this summer is invaluable and puts your child miles ahead in the fall.  Students who don’t read in the summer – especially young students - suffer reading attrition making them weaker readers when they return to school in the fall than when they left school in the spring.  Help make your child super strong!

We look forward to next year!  As we say farewell to our 8th grade students, we also welcome our new Kindergartners already signed up for the fall.  We are open this summer Monday thru Thursday – stop in to say hello or have a picnic on our playground.  Our school is your school whether it is during the school year or in the summer.  We will be here getting ready for you in the fall.  Until we meet again - peace, joy and Newark Vikings forever.


Diane Cepela, PhD


Newark Grade School District 66






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