'23-'24 NGS and MJH Staff Spotlight

Casey Hettinger

I love building relationships with students and seeing them find their passion for learning. It is always enjoyable to see them have that lightbulb moment and strive for success in and out of the classroom.

- Miss Hettinger

Green Family

I love helping students develop and master skills that allow them to be confident, independent learners in school and beyond.

- Mrs. Green

Curtis Family

I love knowing that the educational and social-emotional connections made with students can impact their lives and the lives of those around them, maybe now or maybe years from now.

- Mrs. Curtis

Blaskey Family

I love having the opportunity to build lasting, meaningful relationships with students.

- Mrs. Worek

Johnston Family

I love that my role as an SLP has transformed into becoming part of the classrooms. Developing relationships with students both on and off of my caseload and being part of the AHA moments are my "Why"!

- Mrs. Johnston


I love the smile on my student's face when they become a reader!

- Mrs. Schultz

Chase Family

It is an honor and privilege to provide a safe and respectful learning environment where students can grown into the best version of themselves-even during the junior high years!

- Ms. Chase

Hoffman Family

I love seeing kids playing, learning, and enjoying games that will help them live an active and healthy lifestyle.

- Mr. Hofmann

Olin Family

My why is providing immediate, personal, and caring services to serve students, families, and community. My passion is helping others navigate their mental health, safety, and social needs and being the forefront to link and connect families to resources and services to improve their everyday lives.

- Mrs. Olin

Henson Family

I am passionate about seeing students succeed and enjoy coming to school.

- Mrs. Henson

KWilson Family

To help students find joy in learning and becoming better people.

- Mrs. Wilson

Shaddle Family

I love seeing the kids enjoy learning and seeing how much they learn and grow in a year!

- Mrs. Shaddle


I believe each person is absolutely special and unique and as I interact with students I want them to understand that they are important and can make a difference for good in their world.

- Mrs. Sapsford


Teachers (especially males) had a profound influence on my life; my calling is to return the favor to my students (especially males).

- Mr. Hansen


Everyday I look foward to watching our amazing teachers educate our amazing students! I am honored to be leading this district!

- Mrs. Turman


I enjoy greeting our students and making them smile. It is a joy to watch them grow and build relationships with each other.

- Mrs. Menth


I love the look of discovery on a student's face as a concept finally makes sense.

- Mr. Wilson


Seeing the student's smiles brightens my every day. I love seeing them grow and mature throughout the school year.

- Ms. Baldoni

Mrs. Schmidt

I enjoy sharing my love for learning.

- Mrs. Schmidt


I love sparking an interest in learning. There is nothing more exciting than seeing the "ahh ha" moment on a student's face when they learn something new. I love that I provide a safe place for children to use their creativity and can be themselves.

- Mrs. DaVanon


I teach for the light bulb moments, the endless hugs, and the hope of helping my students become the best version of themselves they could possibly be!

- Mrs. Brummel


I love seeing how excited the students are to be at school and learn new things! It is rewarding to watch them grow throughout the school year!

- Mrs. Cass


I love building relationships with students and watching them develop a love for physical fitness/sports.

- Mr. Anderson

Mr Lee

I believe education is vital in life and a passion for learning and creativity even more so. I have had passionate teachers help me realize this. It's at this age group, I think, that the feelings about learning and the arts need to be nurtured.

- Mr. Lee


I love providing an environment that students are happy in and they are learning in fun and exciting ways!

- Mrs. Hergenhahn