8th Grade Spotlight- Our memories


"I will miss the staff and the familiarity because I've been here for 5 years! A lot of the staff are friends with me and I know this school like the back of my hand."

- Stephanie Anderson


"I will miss the fun and help I get from the teachers and the fun activities we do."

- Noah Baker


"When I leave I won't be the highest grade. That's the thing that I will miss the most."

- Blerim Berisha


The thing I will miss most about MJH is how closely bonded our 8th grade class is. While we will always have a special connection with each other, I know I'll miss having this group of students in my classes next year. It will be different having only some classes together."

- Heather Buhle


"I will miss the calm classes and schedule. I will also miss our fun teachers. I'm gonna miss all the fun ideas and events, and even the smaller amounts of homework."

- Shae Cotton


"I will miss my friends."

- Emma Dierzen


"I will probably miss the fact that we get to be with our whole class when we go to classes and once we get to high school we will be split up and not get to see each others as much."

- Isabella Dierzen


"What I will miss most about MJH is the nice teachers, classmates, and friends."

- Morgen Hergenhahn


"I will miss friends, teachers, and sports."

- Aiden Hermann


"I will definitely miss all the teachers and miss all the fun we have had even when we would mess around in class when were bored."

- Travyn Holmstrom


"I will miss one classroom with the whole class in it. I will not be in the same class as some of my friends and I will miss being one class in one room. "

- Cody Kulbartz


"The thing that I will miss is having recess after lunch."

- Yaimara Martinez


"I will miss the people."

- Miranda McBroom


"I will miss the staff and messing around with friends here ."

- Jennifer Mikkelsen


"I will miss hanging out with friends outside."

- Andrea Molina


"I will miss my friends and Miss Blaskey."

- Miley Nichols


"I will miss ELA. It is the last class of the day and the time I get to see Ms. Blaskey. I found myself looking forward to her class, seeing her smile, hearing her jokes, and considering her hot tips. Hands down my favorite class here. I'll miss it the most <3"

- Daniela Pasillas


"I will miss having fun all the time."

- Sadie Pottinger


" I will miss the fun times in Mr. Wilson's classroom."

- Adam Redmond


"I will miss my friends the most."

- Kolton Rizzo


"I will miss hanging out with my friends because we will be mostly spilt into different classes next year."

- Jacob Seyller


"I will miss the teachers."

- Garett Snyder


"I will miss the teachers. They made this year grand!"

- Kaden Stanford


"I will miss all the teachers and the great sports program here at MJH because the teachers taught me to be a better version of myself. I'm going to miss the sports to because it helps me just go out and show my identity of myself."

- Toby Steffen


"I will definitely miss the teachers the most. They have taught me a lot and I feel bittersweet moving on from them to new ones. "

- Liam Stewart


"I will miss Glizzys."

- Daniel Venegas


"I will most likely miss my friends and our personalities this year because they might not be the same next."

- Sarah Zarko